Add Color, Texture and Style Simply and Affordably with Versatile Scarves

Regardless of the season, scarves are always a smart choice for enhancing your outfit. Whether you’re running to the office, out to lunch with friends or attending a formal dinner party, adding color and texture is easy using scarves.

If you haven’t shopped for a scarf in a while, you may not realize that they are not all created equal! You can always grab your plaid wool scarf or your knitted infinity version and wrap it around your neck when you need to run out in the cold and shovel, but scarves have come a long way.

You can find them not only a variety of sizes -- large squares, small squares, and long horizontal versions -- which can create many different looks depending upon how you tie them, but you can also find them in a wide variety of fabrics such as cotton, silk, organza and wool, and even blends and combinations. From soft and sheer to firm and whimsical to thick and cozy, scarves aren’t just for wearing with a heavy coat to keep your neck warm.

The scarves we offer are all handmade, some feature beautiful hand-stitched embroidery, while others are made from rich, vibrant colors, tones and prints to highlight your eyes, your matching or contrasting bag or jacket or even your glasses!

Don’t limit yourself. Try varying the colors, textures and designs to create different looks. There are also a myriad of ways to tie scarves and there are many videos on the internet explaining fun and unique ways to use your scarf to stand out and make a statement. Most people rely on one or two they are familiar with but the possibilities are endless.

And try layering scarves – taking one of a solid color and pairing it with one with a pattern and then tie and fold to create a whole new look. A beautiful scarf can even be the focal point of an otherwise monochromatic outfit bringing a pop to your style!

So set aside your necklaces for now and experiment with fashionable and fun scarves instead. Add handmade scarves for a unique look that no one else will duplicate. They’re a fun, fashionable and inexpensive way to enhance your wardrobe immediately.

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