Spring is Finally Here - are you ready?

Despite the relentless predictions of snow, spring will arrive eventually and as the temperature evolves so should our wardrobes. We will finally be able to shed our parkas and boots and welcome the return of jackets and shoes. However spring often brings a variety of weather variations that require flexibility in our attire. Wind, rain, sun, mud and vast temperature swings can be a part of any March or April day which demands our most creative layering techniques. While scarves are a great way to add warmth and style to your outfit, layering shirts and jackets adds depth and a world of versatility. 

With spring comes buds, flowers and color! We can use that shift as our inspiration to shed puffy insulated Nylon coats and move to more organic, colorful and comfortable wardrobe elements. Choosing blouses, scarves and jackets with floral patterns add a touch of femininity. Selecting eclectic and bold patterns immediately brightens a dreary, and perhaps rainy, spring day. Bringing in soft cottons, linen and silk reminds us of warmer days ahead. Jackets and other wardrobe options from Haath Designs can add delightful detail and color!

And this spring, after such a harsh winter, dare to be bold! Pair a hand block printed top  with a bold printed jacket under your trench. Choose a silk embroidered jacket with a soft, cool cotton shirt for a statement at work. Throw on a bright Indian print over a light cotton jacket and hand dyed or hand woven scarf. How about wearing a colorful tunic under your blazer or with your favorite pair of jeans? Introduce unexpected pairings of textures and patterns. Mix paisley with camouflage medieval with modern. Remember that little pops of color can be added by wearing red lipstick, turquoise jewelry, a beaded clutch or bright shoe. Bring as many tints and tones to your look as your newly budding flower bed.  Be colorful and exciting as we all welcome spring with a sigh of relief!

We’ve added many new items to our Spring collection! Stop by our website to view and then call us for a personal shopping appointment.