Color.  Texture.  Design. 

Bursts of color: 

Fiery reds and oranges.  Brilliant yellows and greens.  Magnificent purples and blues.  And elegant gold, bronze and silver threads giving dimension and breadth to the designs.


Hand-woven fabrics.  Luxurious silks.  Soft quilted cottons. Textured cotton fabrics with dazzling hand sewn mirrored embellishments, beading and metallic threads.


Interwoven threads.  Colorful cotton or silk fabrics.    Block printing. Tie- Dyed.  Intricate embroidery.


haath, creating a new twist on classic design, has embarked on a new merchandising direction:

Art to Wear and Table-Dressing

haath offers infinite combinations of layering women’s wear, accessories and decorative home to create unique and personal design statements. 

The formula is simple:

Step 1:

Come with an open mind.  Explore the possibilities.  Start with any item  Bring a favorite jacket, dress or scarf from your own personal collection.  Or start with a clean palette…let haath spark your imagination.

Step 2:

Select a jacket.Select a scarf.

Select another scarf.

And, another.

Mix and match; Layer.

Step 3.

Select a handbag.

A tote.

Or two.

Step 4.

Select a necklace set with colorful semi-precious stones. 

And, don’t forget the matching earrings.  Or bracelet.  Or both.

Or opt for a handmade silver necklace or matching bracelet and earrings.

Ready. Set.  Go.

Mix and match.  Layer.  Create a distinct look for you.

Come explore the possibilities