Our Version of the Pinstripe Suit  

Classically designed for today’s working woman.

Professional.  Astute.  Confident.  Assured.  The haath customer knows what she wants.

When wearing the haath quilted cotton pin stripe, you can make a statement at both the office or after six. 

This jacket comes in 8 color options and in two lengths. 

One for every day of the week…

And, one for, well just in case, you need another option.

haath’s version of the Classic Pinstripe Suit!

Universal design appeals to all:
Orange with red / Black on cream / Dark on light blue / Black with maroon /
Grey with navy / black / Green/blue / Beige with black / 
Champagne with a little red

Price:  $75-$90
Buy 3 or more and get 20% off.